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When purchasing auto insurance, your goal may be to find a low rate. You want to save money. During the course of the year, you may experience situations requiring you to file a claim. Will this cause your rates to go up? What about next year, when you try to renew? Some insurance companies offer rate protection. READ MORE >>

Let’s say you have a car wreck. You might damage your own car, along with someone else’s property or vehicle. Then, you might hurt yourself, or worse still, cause injury to someone else. Regardless of who gets hurt, or how many vehicles are involved, the cost of recovery could get very costly. READ MORE >>

One of the biggest risks for liability claims in a salon is a slip-and-fall. Falls happen often because of the conditions present. Loose cords, wet floors, and even hair on the floor create a dangerous situation. As a salon owner, you may know the value of having general liability insurance. READ MORE >>

Bike accidents are growing in frequency. As more people take to the roads on their bikes, it becomes more likely you could hit one accidentally. If this happens, you may be unsure of what to do. Most of the time, your auto insurance provides coverage for the losses of the bike rider. There are some limitations. READ MORE >>

If you commit a driving violation, you might have to get a SR-22. When you do, you’ll have to keep a car insurance policy active and linked to the SR-22. If you let your coverage lapse, then you could face significant penalties. SR-22s impose more stringent requirements on drivers than a simple rule to carry insurance. READ MORE >>

You like to ride your motorcycle at all hours. However, once the sun goes down, you need to turn on your lights. If you don’t turn them on, or if they don’t work correctly, then you put yourself and your bike at risk. You put other people at risk as well. The lighting is one of the most important components of your bike. READ MORE >>

You have several options when it comes to buying auto insurance. Sometimes, it is better to pay the full balance you owe to the insurer at one time. You do not always have to do this. However, there are some advantages to doing so. When you buy car insurance, work with your agent to get the price just right. READ MORE >>

Getting an SR-22 penalty is not something most drivers want to experience. At a minimum, it will lead to challenges and changes to your car insurance coverage. In the worst situations, it can even lead to policy cancellations. Why does this occur? For the duration of your SR-22 penalty, you must maintain car insurance. READ MORE >>

A broken water heater, a roof that has significant damage, or a window with a shattered pane can all be very important repairs requiring immediate help. Many times, home insurance can cover some of these losses. Though the details are important, you should include your home insurance agent in your decisions before you handle any repair. READ MORE >>

It’s not uncommon for individuals to move parents back into their homes as they begin to age. It can be ideal for protecting them but also has benefits when it comes to keeping the family close. Yet, what happens to auto insurance? If your senior parents still drive, how can you keep car insurance affordable? READ MORE >>

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