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Calle's Insurance Blog: sr-22

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Let’s say you have a car wreck. You might damage your own car, along with someone else’s property or vehicle. Then, you might hurt yourself, or worse still, cause injury to someone else. Regardless of who gets hurt, or how many vehicles are involved, the cost of recovery could get very costly. READ MORE >>

If you commit a driving violation, you might have to get a SR-22. When you do, you’ll have to keep a car insurance policy active and linked to the SR-22. If you let your coverage lapse, then you could face significant penalties. SR-22s impose more stringent requirements on drivers than a simple rule to carry insurance. READ MORE >>

If you’ve had an SR-22 penalty, it will likely end after a period of time. Still, the penalty will remain a reminder of something that comes along with severe driving violations. What do you have to do to put it behind you? You don’t have to let an SR-22 burden you forever. READ MORE >>

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